How long should it take to build my pool?

For the typical pool, it should take 8-10 weeks to finish from the day of excavation (depending on rain and winter holidays)…It also depends on the terms and conditions mutually agreed by both with regards to the payment and other modalities. In cases where the scope of our work is just Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing, the delivery period would directly depend on the civil works contractor.

Should I expect work on my pool every day?

No. We undertake Turnkey projects. We schedule all work long before it’s actually needed. For example, your steel date is scheduled weeks before we even dig your pool. Of course, we leave time between steps, just in case something small comes up.

Below Are the Engineering Secrets That Make Us the Finest Quality Pool Builder in All of Southern California.

We Use 4000 PSI Shotcrete.

Pool shell is more resistant to hydraulic pressures and structural stress factors—increases the structural integrity of the pool shell, especially during ground movement and earthquakes.

Solid Steel Cage Around Skimmer

Completely eliminates the possibility of the skimmer moving, separating from the pool, and leaking out water— thus saving thousands of dollars in damage and repair bills.

We Use Acrylic Admix in Our Plastering

This bonds the tile to the pool much better, doubling the years of your tile’s bond to the pool. Code: Not Required.

All Light Niches, Return Lines and Spa Jets Are Waterproofed Prior to Plaster

Reduces the possibility of water leaking out of the pool or spa. Makes for nicer, cleaner installation of hardware.

All Pool Plumbing Is Coated with Primer Prior To Gluing

Primer completely cleans and softens the glue fittings for stronger adhesion, reducing the possibility of plumbing leaks.

We Pressure Test Our Plumbing Throughout the Building Process

This additional pressure ensures that all glue fittings are completely glued and connected. This gives your plumbing added protection that it will not come apart even under extreme conditions.

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